Emergency Cover

  1. Boiler emergency
    Boiler or primary heating system cover
    Weather your a tenant of a landlord you will have peace of mind that your primary heating system is covered. You will be able to call directly on the 24 hour 7 day emergency helpline.
  1. Callouts
    Calling in an emergency
    No excess and no call-out charges. 24 hour cover, 365 days a year. Dedicated UK based telephone assistance. Tenants can call direct.
  1. Failure of electricity
    The mains electricity supply
    If your property incurrs a complete failure or breakdown of the electricity supply system within your property.
  1. Failure of plumbing and drainage
    Plumbing and drainage
    Failure of, or damage to, the plumbing or drainage system. This includes: • burst pipes • overflowing water tanks • blocked waste outlets (including toilets) • blocked drains
  2. Gutters and downpipes
    Guttering and downpipes
    The downpiping and guttering has either failed or been damaged.
  3. Security and glazing
    Locks and windows
    Failure of, or damage to outside locks, doors or windows which means that your home is no longer secure.
  4. Roofing
    Roofing and tiles
    Damage to the roof of your home caused by adverse weather conditions or fallen trees.
  5. Infestations
    If you need to remove rats, mice, hornets cockroaches, and wasps’ nests from your home (this does not apply to animals and insects already in your home before you took out cover).