Advanced Credit Check of Tenants

How does the advanced credit check work?
Firstly, it isn't just a credit check. You are paying for a 360 degree review of a potential tenant.  We ask for just enough information from you so that we can get to work on checking the potential tenant out. Once you have submitted the minimum required data we set to work. We contact your potential tenant by email automatically. This email will request comprehensive data about them and this data is then sent directly to us.

We then use a range of tools to check your tenant.   The tenant will undergo a thorough financial credit check with one of the leading credit check agencies.  The tenant will also be subjected to a trawl of social media and a range of search engines to check their electonic footprint.  The tenant is also requested to submit proof of identification and provide the relevant referencing contact details. References are taken from current employer and previous landlord where possible

Because of the nature of the searches and referencing the report can take up to 7 days to be processed, however   
we do try to process all advanced referencing within 2 working days. 

Before submitting credit check details please ensure you have fully read the terms and conditions.

What will the advanced credit check show?
Usually within 2 workings days you will receive a brief report detailing your tenant's suitability.
The report will take into account:

·        Confirmation the tenant is living and appears on the electoral roll
·        Active or settled County Court Judgements
·        Bankruptcy or insolvency
·        Credit risk judgement – Low / Moderate / High / Very High
·        Right to rent in this country
·        Previous landlord and or employer reference
·        Salary affordability ratio
·        Anti-social social media posts and derogatory web activity
·        Electronic footprint data